Ethiopian violations in the Tigray region

Partners for Transparency issued a report on the crisis between the federal government of Ethiopia and the Tigray region, within the framework of Partners Foundation's keenness to support the values of integrity, transparency and combating corruption in various forms.

This report showed how the Ethiopian Prime Minister is using anti-corruption values and attempts to achieve national integration by eliminating the model of ethnic federalism, in order to restrict his opponents in the upcoming elections, which were postponed for several times among the main reasons for the outbreak of the war on the Tigray region.

The report showed the extent of the illegal practices carried out by the Ethiopian government in the region, which varied between mass killings of civilians, violations and threats to children's rights in the region, as well as sexual assaults against women, all of which occurred with the participation of forces from the state of Eritrea.

The report also dealt with paths of the crisis between the government and the region, which are three paths, according to the report, aFor the first It is related to consensus through negotiation to reach a political solution that avoids the two parties losses from continuing the conflict, And the second It is related to engaging in an armed civil war and is favored by considerations that enable the Tigrayans from many of the joints of the state, which contributed to its feeling of power, And the third Focuses on the possibility of secession by the Tigrayans from Ethiopia, which the report did not favor, in addition to the second track.

Through this report, Partners for Transparency Foundation recommended a number of recommendations, as follows:

First: The need for the African Union to take a course in uncovering the perpetrators of any violations or illegal practices against the Tigrayans.

Second: The parties to the conflict must prioritize the interest of the Ethiopian state above any consideration, and realize the danger of the matter spilling over into a regional war, and the threat this poses to Ethiopia as a regional power in the Horn of Africa.

Third: The need for the international community, especially the UN Security Council, to put pressure on the Ethiopian state to ensure a complete cessation of any violations against the Tigrayans, and to provide guarantees for holding elections based on standards of integrity and transparency.

Ethiopia Crisis Report and Tigray Region (1)
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