Partners for Transparency “A non-governmental organization, declared in accordance with the provisions of Egyptian law under the number“ 9729 ”in December 2014, that takes into account independence and neutrality“ politically ”and“ ideologically ”. The foundation works within the framework of helping society to establish and implement the values and practices of integrity, transparency, and accountability, in order to achieve development Comprehensive “humanity”, respect for human rights, and the building of a good governance system.

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A society that respects the values of integrity, does not tolerate corruption, and is capable of implementing practices of transparency, accountability and integrity in a way that helps build a system of good governance, achieve sustainable development, and respect human rights.

the mission

Partners for Transparency seeks to help different stakeholders adopt anti-corruption practices that enhance transparency, integrity and accountability. The Foundation also works to provide information and facilitate its circulation in a way that helps the various actors to make good decisions.

Foundation Publications

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Positions and Successes

Partners for Transparency is currently chairing the Egyptian Network of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue from November 2018 to November 2024

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