Partners for Transparency “A non-governmental organization, declared in accordance with the provisions of Egyptian law under the number“ 9729 ”in December 2014, that takes into account independence and neutrality“ politically ”and“ ideologically ”. The foundation works within the framework of helping society to establish and implement the values and practices of integrity, transparency, and accountability, in order to achieve development Comprehensive “humanity”, respect for human rights, and the building of a good governance system.

Intellectual background and conceptual and legal framework

  • Partners for Transparency bases its work on an intellectual and legal framework closely related to the international system for the protection of human rights, the axioms of social development, and standards of good governance.
  • The Foundation adopts "transparency", "integrity" and "accountability" as central concepts that focus on its scope of interest, describing the three concepts and values that it expresses are the guarantee for combating "corruption" in its comprehensive context, which disrupts access to the rights package, aborts development opportunities, and undermines development. Good judgment.
  • The Foundation adopts the United Nations concept of transparency, which defines it as "providing information and operating in an open manner that allows stakeholders to obtain the necessary information to preserve their interests, take appropriate decisions, and discover errors."
  • It also adopts a concept of integrity as "a set of values related to honesty, honesty and sincerity in the behavior of the actors, and provides a number of guarantees that stand in the way of various manifestations of corruption and ensure that there is no conflict of interest."
  • As for the institution’s concept of accountability, it is the concept of the United Nations Development Program for it as “asking officials to provide the necessary clarifications to stakeholders on how to use their powers and discharge their duties, and to take the criticism directed at them and to meet the requirements required of them and to take responsibility for their actions, failure, inefficiency or for Deception and fraud ”.
  • On the level of legal foundations, Partners for Transparency is based in its work on the “United Nations Convention against Corruption” issued by General Assembly Resolution No. 58/4 in October 2003, and on the package of international instruments for the protection of human rights, given the close link between corruption on the one hand, And disrupting the fulfillment of human rights on the other hand.

Positions and Successes

Partners for Transparency is currently chairing the Egyptian Network of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures. The Anna Lindh Foundation is an intergovernmental institution that includes civil society organizations from all over the Mediterranean with the aim of building trust and improving mutual understanding.

The Partners for Transparency Foundation holds a consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2018, and was elected as a member of the General Assembly of the Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOC) for the Arab Republic of Egypt in December 2018.

The Foundation is also a member of the International Peace and Development Alliance, which is a Swiss institution that includes a number of organizations from Arab, African and European countries


A society that respects the values of integrity, does not tolerate corruption, and is capable of implementing practices of transparency, accountability and integrity in a way that helps build a system of good governance, achieve sustainable development, and respect human rights.

the mission

Partners for Transparency seeks to help different stakeholders adopt anti-corruption practices that enhance transparency, integrity and accountability. The Foundation also works to provide information and facilitate its circulation in a way that helps the various actors to make good decisions.

The principles that the Foundation seeks to establish

Access to information is a right for all stakeholders.

People have the right to hold decision-making bodies and power holders accountable.

Credibility and impartiality are the basis for exercising authority.

Transparency and accountability are tools for development, not tools for shaming and defamation.

Foundation goals

Empowering those in power (governmental and non-governmental) to implement transparency and integrity practices

Strengthening mechanisms to detect and eliminate corruption.

Helping the components of civil society in its broad sense to use social accountability tools.

Mechanisms of action and main activities

Monitoring and information dissemination

Partners for Transparency believes that gathering information, monitoring and documentation through a system to receive complaints and testimonies is an effective method that helps all stakeholders to develop performance and besiege corruption and abuse of power, and this activity includes issuing periodic reports to follow up on the “state of transparency, integrity and accountability” In the institutions of society.

Helping to develop public policies

Partners for Transparency uses a public policy perspective in preparing and publishing studies, working papers and research papers that help policymakers adopt approaches and approaches that enhance transparency, integrity and accountability, and develop legislation, procedural systems and practices in line with the need to combat corruption. The Foundation also holds workshops and seminars. Debate, and public forums for the same purpose.

building abilities

Working " Partners for transparency “On developing the performance of different actors through training, qualification and raising the institutional capabilities. The base of those targeted with capacity-building activities broadens to include independent national bodies, executive, legislative, and grassroots institutions, civil society organizations, and media institutions.

Networking and partnership

believe " Partners for transparency “Working with regional and international organizations - governmental and non-governmental - concerned with promoting transparency, integrity and accountability will help to adopt effective approaches and practices like me that help fight corruption and promote the values of transparency, integrity and accountability, by transferring successful experiences, and benefiting from the knowledge accumulated by these organizations, as well as Create a "pressure force" against corruption.