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No to corruption ... an online campaign launched by Partners for Transparency to raise awareness of the dangers of corruption

Partners for Transparency Foundation announced an online campaign against corruption and ways to combat it, under the title “No to corruption,” within the framework of the Foundation's interest in supporting the values of integrity, transparency and combating corruption, on the twenty-fourth of March 2021.

This campaign aims to spread the culture of awareness against illegal practices that exist in all sectors of countries, by raising awareness of the concepts and images of corruption and the dangers of continuing illegal practices on the state of political stability and economic development in countries, especially developing ones.

Partners Foundation is working to achieve this through numerous publications on Facebook as the most important social media, taking advantage of the increasing use of technological means in light of the spread of the Corona virus, and clarified the World Bank's vision of corruption and its link to the misuse of the public office to achieve private gain, whether directly. Or indirect.

The campaign also works at the same time to introduce the international conventions concerned with combating corruption and unlawful practices, as it indicated what is related to the United Nations Convention against Corruption, which is the framework agreement that limits the general principles that all other regional international agreements must follow.

In the same context, the “No to Corruption” partners campaign paid attention to the African Union Convention for the Prevention and Combating of Corruption, in the context of the follow-up carried out by the Foundation's Anti-Corruption Monitor in Africa Unit, as part of its goal of spreading awareness among citizens in African countries.

Hence, it is expected that Partners for Transparency Foundation will, during its "No to Corruption" campaign, provide more data and information that reveal the magnitude of the risks that stand as a stumbling block to development processes.

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