An awareness workshop on the Egyptian network of the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures

Partners for Transparency, as the head of the Egyptian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue between Cultures, organized today an awareness workshop on the Egyptian Network and the Anna Lindh Foundation at the headquarters of the Anna Lindh Foundation “von Gerberhaus” in Alexandria
In the midst of the presence of 50 representatives of civil society organizations, the press and Egyptian universities, the aim of this awareness workshop was to promote the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Egyptian Network and its work and activities that youth and organizations can benefit from.
Egyptian society
Mirna Shalash, Head of the Egyptian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation, indicated that Anna Lindh is an international institution that includes civil society organizations, its main headquarters is in Egypt, and for this reason it is important that all Egyptian civil society institutions be aware of the Anna Lindh Foundation, and she emphasized that the Anna Lindh Foundation Anna Lindh is the first prominent organization in the framework of intercultural dialogue, and stressed the importance of Egyptian civil society organizations joining the Egyptian Network, as the Egyptian Network works as the official framework for the institution to spread the values of dialogue and cultural pluralism at the national and regional levels, and explained the role of the Egyptian Network In building bridges of dialogue with other networks in the north and south of the Mediterranean
Dr. said. Mahmoud Farag - Member of the Board of Trustees that the Egyptian Network seeks to increase membership and networking between civil society institutions. He explained how civil society institutions provide membership in the Egyptian Network and the types of memberships. He also responded to the rumors raised about the Anna Lindh Foundation and called on journalists and media professionals to participate in the activities and events of the Egyptian Network. Whether by media coverage or by participating as members with institutions with membership in the Anna Lindh Foundation.
May Helmy, “Coordinator of the Egyptian Cultural Program and Network Officer at Analind Foundation,” explained the programs of Analind Foundation for the current period 2022-2025, and the Egyptian cultural program launched by the Anna Lindh Foundation last year to restore the institution’s role as a pivotal representative of dialogue between cultures in Egypt, welcoming partnerships and supporting initiatives by actors. staff
In the cultural field and the field of civil society in Egypt.

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