“Corruption casebook” for November 2023

Partners for Transparency issues its monthly report, “Corruption Report,” for the month of November
103 corruption incidents in November and extensive oversight of markets and medical centres

Within the framework of the “Corruption Casebook” series, the “Partners for Transparency” Foundation continues to issue monthly reports to monitor and follow up on corruption incidents in Egypt, which focus on monitoring and analyzing legislative and procedural developments related to combating corruption, as well as listing the incidents that were revealed during the month of November 2023. , and classify them sectorally and geographically, with the aim of identifying the sectors that witness the most corruption incidents, as well as the governorates in which these incidents are most concentrated.

November recorded a slight decrease in the number of corruption incidents, as 103 incidents were recorded, compared to the 110 corruption incidents recorded last October, which represents a decrease of 6 % in the corruption rate, while corruption incidents related to supply are still at the forefront of the most corrupt incidents, as 43 were recorded. One corruption incident, accounting for 41.5 % of the total incidents witnessed in November, followed closely by the agriculture and land encroachments sector, with 40 incidents, accounting for 38.5 % of the total incidents under study. The health sector came in third place, with 12 corruption incidents, and 11.5 % of the total incidents of corruption.

Geographically, Beheira Governorate repeatedly ranked first among the Egyptian governorates in terms of corruption incidents during the month of November, by recording 13 incidents and a percentage of 12.5 % of the total incidents, while 3 governorates combined recorded a percentage of 28 % of the total incidents of corruption at the republic level. Making them the most corrupt governorates during November, and the governorates are “Beheira, Gharbia, and Dakahlia.”



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