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Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for Dialogue between Cultures aims to bring people closer together, to promote mutual respect between cultures.

Since the foundation's inception in 2005, it has launched and supported activities in various fields that affect the mutual perception between peoples of different cultures and beliefs. It has also developed a network of civil society institutions that covers the entire region and consists of more than 3000 civil society institutions. Shaping mutual respect The main goal of the Anna Lindh Foundation is to overcome misunderstandings and stereotypes that affect our perceptions and relationships between societies in the region and to encourage a futuristic outlook based on shared values. This mission gained a lot of importance after a decade of continued widening social and cultural gap between the two shores of the Mediterranean. To contribute to creating a space of prosperity, coexistence and peace, the Anna Lindh Foundation works to restore confidence in dialogue, the appreciation and promotion of diversity, tolerance, mutual respect and coexistence and heal the rift between cultures. The national network is a legal entity that works within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership, it includes a group of civil society institutions inside Egypt, and works within the framework of commitment to the mission of the Anna Lindh Foundation,

Network Presidency

It is currently chaired by Partners for Transparency Foundation from November 2018 to November 2021.

Network message

The Egyptian National Network seeks to support the Euro-Mediterranean partnership and promote the work priorities and programs of the Analind Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue through cooperation with other national networks and with the Secretariat of the Analinda Foundation. The network also works to promote joint activities at the national level among its members in the interest of achieving goals, action programs and plans. Analinda, which includes encouraging the participation of members in the activities and proposals of cooperation launched by the Foundation, encouraging cooperation and exchanging information and experiences among members, and enhancing the use of available training opportunities.

Egyptian network activities

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