The Corruption Bill is 140 Million per month, and the reason is “those whom fell into the mud”

The Corruption Logbook “August 2017”

The Corruption Bill is 140  Million per month, and the reason is “those whom fell into the mud”


Partners For Transparency issued its new report within the “Corruption Logbook” series, in its new addition covering August 2017, including a different address and analysis for corruption incidents and new divisions for the issued report by the Foundation during the past two years.

August 2017 report includes a new section entitled “those whom fell into the mud..novels on the margins of the logbook”, tackling the most important corruption incidents during the past month, along with shedding light on their offenders, the circumstances, and contexts linked to the issue, presenting in-depth analysis to the incident and linking it to previous similar incidents, as well as presenting a vision to the procedural, and legislative reforms demanded to prevent their repetition in the future.

Under the title the “iron woman fell into the corruption mud”, the report addressed the story of Soaad ElKholy’s rise and fall, as the Deputy Governor was arrested by the administrative prosecution on the backdrop of accusations linked to bribery, harming public funds on purpose, and profiteering. And under the title “corruptors in the niche of justice..Alexandria’s judge is a black point in the white dress”, addressing the facts of arresting the President of Misdemeanor Court  on the backdrop of accusations linked to taking bribery to issue a ruling in favor of an accused in one of the cases he reviews, and finally under the title “taxes and customs..when the state sovereign authorities pay the corruption bill”, tackling the corruption incidents in two of the leading entities of the Ministry of Finances, responsible for collecting the sovereign resources for the Egyptian state “taxes and customs”.

Statically, the report indicated that August 2017 witnessed 60 corruption facts 18% out of them are in the ration sector, 10% in the health and finances sector, 8% in the localities, communication and information technology, education, agriculture, and justice, when the endowments, interior, public business, electricity, commerce, industry, unions, and culture sectors collectively witnessed 20% of the incidents.

Geographically, Cairo governorate still witnesses the largest number of corruption incidents during the month by 30% of the corruption incidents, followed by Giza governorate by 12% of the incidents, and Behira by 10% of the incidents.

The report stressed on the financial cost for corruption incidents, estimated by 140 million for embezzlement, bribery and waste of public money, the announced amounts in some of the incidents actually counted up to 139,944.620 pounds, an initial estimated amount, while the seizure of some officials of the costoms and taxes authority took the majority of this cost.

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