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The civil society rule in fighting against corruption

In a new policies paper to partners for transparency

The civil society rule in fighting against corruption

partners for transparency association issued a new policies paper titled “the civil society rule in fighting against corruption”, it is in the framework of the relevant transparency and integrity observatory.

The paper starts from the importance of civil society organizations rule in the society, describing the corruption as the most destructive phenomena to state resources and wealth. It becomes very important to the civil society organizations to participate fighting against corruption with the state.

The paper refer to that some of civil society organizations in Egypt played an effective rule in UN Convention Against Corruption UNCAC, and the paper refer that Egypt is one of the first countries who signed this convention, but the implementation of the convention didn`t take enough attention from the successive Egyptian Governments, unless some official, and organizational procedures, which isn`t suitable to the real efforts which exceed on the ground.

these procedures as National Anti- Corruption Commission establishment,  national Anti- Corruption strategy 2014-2018, amendments of constitution 2014, which required that oversight bodies own their legal personality, technical, financial, and, managerial independence under it, and commit with coordination between them to fight against corruption.

In the  framework of civil society organizations to deal with fighting against corruption according to available resources, some organizations held trainings and workshops through Egypt Governorates to develop the social awareness to danger of corruption, enhancing transparency and integrity values, beside observing, documenting corruption events, and making an annual, quarterly reports, preparing studies and reports to observe corruption reasons, searching developing methods for governing obligations to establish civil society organizations  in this frame.

Beside litigate, and trial advocacy before corruption victims, and access to outside justice to freeze assets of who accused of corruption to stolen assets recovery.

Despite these efforts, but civil society rule anti-corruption is still in the primary steps, these organizations still need to more  governmental and social support to make its rule perfectly.

Paper submitted some recommendations in order to promote Civil Society Organizations rule anti- corruption the most important is providing  the Government financial and technical support to Civil Society Organizations to continue spreading widely in Egypt governorates, continuing to issue observing corruption events documents, encouraging inactive established civil commissions to activate its rule and support it with capacities.

Paper recommended to develop the new Civil Organizations Law, and  adding some recommendations to grant more powers to civil society organizations to do its rule perfectly, facilitating to extract license to new organizations, to enable who has the power to participate anti-corruption, in spite of waste these power with more complexity an conditions   

Finally transparency and easy of giving information, which enable these organizations  to detect corruption and spoilers.          



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