In the context of the community dialogue for effective civil society project

ElMahrousa and PFT organize a meeting for the concerned organizations on fighting corruption

Partners For Transparency, in cooperation with ElMahrousa center for Socio-Economic Development, organized a seminar for the leaders of a small group of civil society leaders entitled “the new NGOs law and its impact on accountability, transparency and social development issues”, in the context of the community dialogue for an active civil society project, implemented by ElMahrousa, on Saturday, 7 October 2017.

The meeting targeted 12 NGOs leader, to seek the opinion of the participating NGOs in the new NGOs law No. 70/2017, and their evaluation to the law’s impact on the participating NGOs capacity to continue their work on the issues they are active in, and their recommendations linked to the executive bylaws and the articles that could be amended during the coming period.

There was an agreement that the law needs significant changes to provide sufficient guarantees to liberate civil work in line with art. 75 of the Egyptian constitution, the participants said that working under the law umbrella should continue with advocating a dialogue process to amend the law, along with agreement on the necessity to provide visions for the draft of the bylaws.

The participants called for the organization of civil society gatherings with the Members of Parliament to explain the necessity for law amendments on the medium and long run, they agreed to submit recommendations in the stage of drafting the bylaws focusing on putting rules and procedures organizing the articles that could be interpreted and implemented in a radical way, as a direction towards adopting the best responsive actions for the NGOs demands, this especially is the case for arts. 13, 14, 27, 29, 31, as well as the organizing articles for the apparatus meetings and decision meeting process, indicating the necessity to highlight the contents of sustainable development and combating corruption strategies linked to civil society role.

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