Partners for Transparency issues the 18th report in the Corruption Logbook series

 51 corruption incidents in December and the Administrative Control exposes the “bribe whale” in the State Council

Partners for Transparency issued its 18th report in the “Corruption Logbook” series documenting and analyzing the procedural and legislative procedures and relative statements to corruption fighting, as well as observing and analyzing the corruption incidents exposed or published in the media, where the current report covers December 2017.

December 2017 witnessed the most significant corruption incident revealed by the Administrative Control, represented in the arrest of a senior official in the State Council over 155 million pounds, followed by the arrest of the former State Council Secretary whom found dead in his detain afterwards, while December 2016 witnessed the first public appearance for its head addressing its role in the pre-oversight on the national projects that are being launched.

On the level of the facts witnessed during the month, PFT’s report indicated that 51 corruption incidents took place 10 out of took place in the Ministry of Ration, 9 incidents in the localities, 7 incidents in the Ministry of Agriculture, 5 incidents in the Ministry of Health, and 3 Incidents in the Ministry of Justice.

As for the judicial situation, the incidents under investigation took the lead in December 2016 representing 70%, followed by the cases that have been adjudicated by 14%, the cases under trials by 10%, and the cases that have not been investigated by 6%.

Geographically, Cairo still has the lion’s share in the corruption incidents in December 2016 by 33%, followed by Behira by 11%, Giza by 10%, and Menoufia and Qena by 8% each.

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