Partners For Transparency publishes the sixteenth Corruption Logbook
94 incident of corruption in October 2016
A Member of Parliament submits a draft Law to establish an independent anti-corruption authority

Within the framework of “The Corruption LogBook” series “Partners For Transparency” PFT publishes the sixteenth report which includes the observation and analysis of the incidents of corruption in October 2016 , where the organization spotted  94 incident of corruption during the month which are the incidents that were disclosed through investigation and media.
October 2016  witnessed several statements of parliamentarians and executives related to the fight against corruption, but without  a legislative action or an effective executive decisions,  except that the MP Anissa Hassouna submitted  a proposed law to establish a National Authority for Fighting Corruption, which is a demand proposed by civil society organizations from a long time as it is considered as a conciliation of the  Egyptian reality with the provisions of the United Nations Convention against corruption.

On the incidents level, the report observed 94 incident of corruption in October 2016, and as usual, the Ministry of Supply came in first place with 35 incident, followed by the Ministry of Health with 11 incident of corruption, then the localities sector with 8 incidents and the Ministry of Agriculture with 7 incidents of corruption, then comes the Ministry of Education with 6 incidents of corruption, followed by the Ministry of Petroleum with 5 incidents.

Regarding the judicial position of the incidents, the incidents under investigation came in the first place in October 2016 where it got the highest percentage rate of 71% of the total 94 incident, followed by the incidents that are in the trial by 17% and then come the incidents that were judged by 9%, and finally comes the incidents that have not been investigated yet with  3% of the total facts.

Geographically ,Cairo Governorate still gets the largest share among the incidents of corruption during October 2016 by 29 incident , followed by  Giza governorate  with 14 incident of corruption ,then  Sohag  with 7 the incidents of corruption, followed by  ElBehera and Qalubia governorates  with 6 incidents for each of them.

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